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We will happily train just one person or any group of people at your premises, or at a venue near you throughout the UK.

Do you struggle to win the sale or close the deal? Do you keep coming up against objections and barriers? Do you want to win more and lose less? If you have answered yes to just one of these questions you would benefit from our sales training courses. At Training Sales People our specialist trainers know what it takes to succeed and we can teach you these skills.

We will help you empathise with prospects as well as helping you use psychological factors to make your customers feel like you are working with them, rather than selling to them. By breaking down barriers and dealing with objections, you will become more confident and help promote a winning attitude.

Our sales training specialists won’t put you on the spot. We don’t believe in individual role plays or live calls and we won’t be recording or videoing anything. We want you to enjoy our sales training courses and find that we see better results in a relaxed atmosphere with informal groups.

With a wide range of sales training available and our ability to travel anywhere in the UK – Can you afford NOT to train your staff? – That’s the question you should ask yourself. So if you want to see big gains for small prices get in touch with Training Sales People today and see how we can help.

Our Courses

  • Fundamental Sales Training
  • Advanced Sales Training
  • Successful Negotiation
  • Sales & Customer Service for Call Centre Staff
  • Telesales Training
  • Think Your Way to Success

Why Us

  • Although we love sharing our knowledge, we are sales people first and trainers second
  • We’ve attended a few sales courses ourselves over the years, and understand how “not” to do it, so you won’t feel uncomfortable
  • Our name is “Training Sales People” because that’s all we do


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