What Will The Students Learn

  • Apply your knowledge of body language to improve communication
  • Understand the impact of space in a conversation
  • Understand the nuances of body language from a range of areas including your face, hands, arms, legs, and posture
  • Use mirroring and matching techniques to build rapport
  • Shake hands with confidence
  • Dress for success

What Topics are Covered

  • Body language
  • Give me some space!
  • What’s your face saying?
  • What’s your body saying?
  • Mirroring and leading
  • Monitoring your posture
  • Dressing up
  • Shaking hands
  • Role plays and interactive activities

What’s Included

Instruction by an expert facilitator
Small Interactive classes
Specialised manual and course materials
Personalised certificate of completion

All of our training courses are available throughout the UK, and unlike other companies we do not charge extra for travel costs. We also don’t believe in minimum numbers for courses so if you need a course for 1 person, then we’d be happy to help. Our body language course is offered as a 1 day workshop and is delivered at your premises, anywhere in the UK. All of our trainers are highly experienced and pride themselves on providing a top class training experience.

Body Language

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