Do your call centre operators struggle to close deals? Could your business benefit from improved customer service? If you want a better return from your call centre operators then you need training that is tailored to their needs. We offer a 2 day call centre training course throughout Dorset to companies of all sizes. Our call centre training is delivered at your premises anywhere in Dorset, or the rest of the UK, at no extra cost.

Our comprehensive two day call centre training is designed to give your staff the skills they need to win more business on the phone as well as providing a better and more customer centric journey. Some of the skills that will be covered include: learning who your customers are, listening skills, cold and warm calls, handling objections and closing the sale, negotiation techniques, building and developing relationships and call centre trends.

By learning the skills needed and breaking down the techniques to develop these, our trainers will help your staff add structure to their calls and take control. And because all our training is delivered in small interactive classes it means that your staff will not only be more engaged, but will enjoy learning new skills and techniques that they can apply on the phone.

With the call centre playing such a crucial role in modern businesses our call centre training can help to ensure your company stands out for all the right reasons. Not only will our training arm them with the skills they need to close the deal, they will also learn valuable customer service skills such as building relationships and tips for challenging callers.

On completion of our call centre training course all participants will receive a certificate of completion as well as a customised training manual and full course material for their ongoing support.

Visit our call centre training page for a full overview of the course and a schedule of topics and objectives.

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