Facing objections and barriers you can’t handle? Difficulty in selling to certain personality types? If the answer is yes to these questions then our advanced sales training in Birmingham can help your business. We are specialists in delivering sales training and because all our trainers have worked in sales we know what works and how to close the deal.

Although every industry, sector and business is different the fundamentals of sales remain the same. We teach your staff how by asking a series of questions in a specific order they can help your customer realise that they have a problem and that your business can offer the solution. By building a relationship your sales staff can help the customer feel like they are working with you rather than being sold to.

One of the key areas that will be covered in our advanced sales training in Birmingham is buyer types and personalities. By learning how to change their style of selling your salespeople will become more effective at selling to different personality types and buyers. Not only will they win more sales but they will become more confident and will win more and lose less.

For advanced sales training in Birmingham you need Training Sales People. We offer professional in-house training with our 9 module advanced sales training for your business. Some of the topics covered in our modules are: controlling a conversation, the importance of listening, objection handling, visualise the sale, buyer types as well as sales territory analysis.

Give your salesforce the skills they need and help them to close the deal and make the sale more often with our advanced training. For a full outline of the course please visit our advanced sales training page which will show the 9 modules with an overview of what is covered.

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