Learn the key to more effective and more professional sales with our advanced sales training in Dorset. Not only will you learn about asking the right questions at the right time but also how to make your customer’s realise that you can offer the solution to their problem. Your sales team will learn how to deal with different personalities and buyers and tailor their approach to match in order to help them win the sale.

Some of the advantages of our advanced sales training are that it is available to companies large and small, whether you have 1 person that needs training or 100, we are happy to come to your business to deliver it. Unlike other companies we do not charge extra to travel to your business and we specialise solely in sales training.

As well as learning the quantity, direction and quality of sales you will also learn about: sales territory planning and analysis, customer scoring, setting strategic sales goals and much more. Our professional training will help you to develop a professional selling skill set and the mind set for success.

Our advanced sales training in Dorset is delivered by our professional trainers who are sales people first and trainers second. They will help you deal with objections and build the skills you need to get great results. Rather than showing the features of your service our trainers will help you promote the benefits and make customers feel that you are working with them rather than selling to them.

All of our advanced sales training is delivered in house so you don’t have the expense of paying for travel, and because we don’t have any minimum numbers for our training you only need to pay to train the people who need it.

For a full outline of the course please visit our advanced sales training page which will show the 9 modules with an overview of what is covered.

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