Success is the goal of our advanced sales training in London. Not only will our trainers help your sales force understand their customers and ask open questions but we will help them to close the deal. Our 9 module advanced sales training will walk your sales people through the process and help them develop the necessary skills to succeed.

Like anything in life the more practice you have at something the better you will become and the same is true with sales. Our comprehensive and advanced sales training gives you the techniques and knowledge to lose less and win more. From identifying the features, advantages and benefits to learning closing techniques that work, our sales training will build your confidence and skill set.

Some of the key areas covered in our advanced sales training include: controlling a conversation, APAC objection handling, OPEN question technique, understanding buyer types and territory planning and analysis. These fundamental skills and more will help your workforce perform better and gain more sales.
Unlike other companies we can provide advanced sales training in London delivered directly to your business. We don’t charge any extra for having to travel and we have no minimum training numbers. So whether you have one person in need of training or 20, we can deliver tailored sales training to your company.

Most salespeople have a preferred style of selling and may find it difficult to sell to different types of buyers, our training helps address this and other common problems and show simple fixes to give them a professional selling skill set that works.

For a full outline of the course please visit our advanced sales training page which will show the 9 modules with an overview of what is covered.

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