Do your sales people struggle to close deals? Are they confident dealing with different types of buyers? If not then they would definitely benefit from our advanced sales training delivered right to your business. Unlike other sales training companies we deliver in house training directly to your business and do not charge any additional fees for travel costs. So whether you need 1 person training or a 100, we can come and provide sales training direct to your workforce.

With an intensive 9 module course our advanced sales training in Manchester covers everything from the fundamentals right through to advanced techniques that will win you more sales. The 9 modules encompass a range of key elements from controlling a conversation and the importance of listening to objection handling and customer potential analysis.

The training will help your sales people be more focused and to clearly convey the benefits of the product or service that they are selling. It will help to put them into a positive and professional mind-set and show them how to set strategic territory goals that are SMART.

As well as our advanced sales training in Manchester we are also able to deliver a wide range of additional training courses to businesses from customer service and call centre training to presentation skills and time management training.

By learning to ask the right questions in the right order your sales force will help customer’s identify that they have a problem and your business can offer the solution. Your sales team will learn how to modify their approach based on personality types as well as learning how to handle objections to help close the sale.

Our advanced sales training will help to put your sales force in the driving seat and not only make them more confident but help to give them the skills they need to turn more no’s into yes’s.
For a full outline of the course please visit our advanced sales training page which will show the 9 modules with an overview of what is covered.

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