“Just a quick note to let you know that the difference I am getting out of this conference compared to others is immeasurable.  When one lady declared ''I need your business card'' it was quite a revelation. The conversation was text book to the ones we had practised. They haven't all been like that, but I feel much more on a level with people by just asking them what they do and not trying to throw a product in their face.  Yesterday in total I had 3 people ask to do a demo next week. Of course, I swapped cards with many but 3 leads out of maybe 10 decent conversations is good. I haven't had time to study the manual as much as I want (definitely met a driver personality and couldn't remember any key words) but will do when I'm back.  In the meantime, I just wanted to say thanks again for your training”
“Many apologies for the delay in getting this back to you, I have at last completed the course evaluation. As a further comment, I have been using a lot of the examples you gave me during the course, and have been successful in making appointments and getting commitments”.
“The guys really seemed to be upbeat after your training, and they all say it was beneficial”
"Thanks for coming to site to do the training.  It’s a busy time at the moment so it’s great to be able to have it on site and to have one-on-one training." "I’ve recommended the course to Simon for all staff who are in a similar position to me in the future.  As you said during the course, it’s true that a lot of it is common sense, but it only becomes obvious by taking time to really analyse what you say and the questions you ask."
"Thank you for your continued help. I remember what you said to give the same 100% every day and not to slack. I was at an exhibition the last couple of days and when I was going back home on the first evening I felt that I did not do as well as I hoped to, so the next two days I made sure that this was not going to demotivate me but make me work harder and not take the first no for an answer!"
"I learned all the techniques needed, could go at my own pace, and ask as many questions as I wanted. It gave me the confidence to go out and practice what I’ve learned, was perfect for me, and really helped me get a grasp of sales techniques, and how to behave."
I really enjoyed the course, and have been putting my new ideas to the test, and I’ve had success!

“Fun, exciting and stimulating. A very experienced trainer, and I would recommend this course to anybody who needs sales training”

“The course was perfect for our business needs”
“Professional, value for money, interesting”

“I would recommend this course. RBL Laboratories will use again in the future.”


“I would recommend this course. RBL Laboratories will use again in the future.”
“I would recommend this sales training company to anyone who is wanting to do sales training. The trainers are fantastic, and you learn about everything which you need to sell. Overall 10/10”
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